When only hardwood flooring will do

There’s a reason that many homeowners prefer solid hardwood flooring over every other option. It is not only classic and timeless, giving your home a certain luxurious air, but the lifespan is hard to compete with. In fact, this could be the last flooring you ever have to have installed. You have more options that you might think you do, even after narrowing your choice down to this one. There are still choices to make concerning the species of wood, the stain color, and the type of finish you’d like to have applied. You can even choose that the floors be pre-finished or finished on site. Of course, the latter will take a bit more time, but some agree that it’s worth the wait. Inland Pacific Flooring knows how important your floors are, and how important it is that you choose the perfect material to cover those floors. We proudly service the areas of Spokane, Spokane Valley, Post Falls, Hayden, and Coeur D’Alene with a showroom that is located in Spokane Valley, WA. We’d love to have you stop by to look at our many flooring choices, so we can answer any questions that you might have about them.

Hardwood flooring choices

Choosing the right species of wood is very important to your lifestyle. For instance, you don’t want to choose a soft wood, when only a hard wood will suffice. The more traffic you have in your home, the harder the wood you’ll want to choose. While there is a certain amount of protection that can be placed on the surface of the wood, it only goes so far.and you don’t want to wind up with regrets with this flooring.

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Additional hardwood flooring choices

Your choices of finish are fairly simple. You can go with a nice glossy polished look, which is the one chosen by many homeowners. However, you can also choose a more vintage or distressed look, giving the appearance of age right from the start. Still again, you can also pick the hand-scraped option, which goes a long way in hiding a certain amount of scuffs and scratches. One of the very best things about this material is that it can be refinished after a couple of decades of wear and tear start to show. In fact, you can finish a solid wood floor several times before its lifespan is exhausted. That means that scratches, gouges, water stains and more don’t have to mean the end of your flooring!