Hypoallergenic flooring in a Washington home

Is there hypoallergenic flooring?

Many homeowners prefer floors as hypoallergenic as possible, especially if they or someone in the family are allergy sufferers. The good news is there are a few flooring products that offer excellent hypoallergenic characteristics, and we are going to tell you about some of those in today’s post.

Hypoallergenic flooring makes sense

The air quality in your home matters more than you think, even if you don’t have allergy sufferers that live with you. Having better air quality means you’ll breathe easier, and taking steps to ensure this is possible is easier than you might think.

Some of the best flooring options with hypoallergenic benefits include all-natural stone and porcelain tile since the honed smooth finish leaves no cracks, crevices, or textures for allergens to be trapped. They are much easier to clean. These benefits generally last the life of the floors, so you can enjoy easy breathing for years to come.

Hardwood, luxury vinyl, and laminate floors are excellent for preventing allergens since surfaces can be slick and crack-free. However, you can even find hypoallergenic flooring options in carpeting these days as well, with fibers that were created to hold and trap dander, dust, pollen, and more, from ever becoming a problem.

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