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Why choose luxury vinyl?

This is not your grandmother’s vinyl floor. Today’s luxury vinyl features some of the most innovative, versatile and high-performing flooring available. We love to suggest premium vinyl flooring for designing because it offers the richness and texture of more expensive hardwood, ceramic tile and stone—without maxing out your budget.

Nobody does vinyl like Mohawk Flooring when it comes to realistic visuals, and we have the luxury vinyl option to match any project. Going for the classic luxury of original stone? Choose gorgeous large tiles in a white marble or travertine look. Want to let the light in? A light, driftwood style in white or gray vinyl plank will bring an open, airy feel to any space. We can provide vinyl in tile, plank and sheet formats.

Stylish luxury vinyl

Stylish, exceptionally easy to clean and resistant against drops and spills, vinyl is a perfect fit for demanding spaces and demanding families: kitchen areas that see lots of action, busy families with pets.

Luxury vinyl is durable and waterproof so maintenance is a breeze.

And for those unique, tricky room shapes or around sinks and cabinets, Mohawk luxury vinyl is easy to cut and install adhesive-free thanks to Mohawk’s patented, tongue-and-groove system.

Let us help you update your home effortlessly with versatile, stylish luxury vinyl.

Featured luxury vinyl products

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Luxury vinyl flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring for your busy lifestyle

If you are a homeowner with an extremely busy lifestyle, we suggest you take a look at luxury vinyl flooring(LVF)for your home. The benefits might not surprise you, but it’s possible that the amazing look and feel of this material surely will.

Some of the most popular flooring materials on the market today are natural resources, such as solid hardwood, natural stone, and tile. These materials create a luxurious feeling wherever they are placed, and give off a certain ambiance that many homeowners reach for. You can find that same look with LVF, with many added benefits as well.

Inland Pacific Flooring works hard to make sure homeowners find the perfect flooring for their home, and the one that fits their every need. We service the areas of Spokane, Spokane Valley, Post Falls, Hayden and Coeur D’Alene, with a showroom located in Spokane Valley, WA. We invite you to stop by that showroom if you would like to see our line of flooring, or if you just have some questions that you would like to have answered.
Luxury vinyl flooring in Spokane WA from Pacific Inland Flooring

Benefits of luxury vinyl flooring

One of the nicest things about luxury vinyl flooring is that it can be placed in areas that natural resources, such as solid hardwood, simply can’t be installed. Basements, for instance, are a room that LVF works well in. Vinyl doesn’t expand and contract with temperature and humidity changes, nor does it absorb stains and spills.

With LVF, you’ll enjoy great durability, resilience, protection against stains and a reasonable lifespan, especially if properly maintained. The wear layer and protective layer situated on top of this flooring varies in thickness, and the thicker that layer, the more protection you will get.

Cleaning and maintaining your luxury vinyl floors really couldn’t be easier. After sweeping or vacuuming up any loose debris, you simply need to follow up with a damp mop. Specialty cleaners are available for tougher messes. You can find out which one best suits your specific flooring by consulting the manufacturer.

Finally, you will be very pleased with the installation process, which is quick and easy. There are no specialty tools needed, no staining to be done and left to dry, and no grout to deal with.In many cases, the floor can be floated, so that the installers won’t even need nails or glue to get the job done.

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