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Hardwood Floors (over 30 hardwoods in stock)

Solid Hardwood Flooring 

3/4 x 2 1/4 Random Lengths to 6' Shaw Natural Maple for $3.49 sq ft. Made in the USA.   

3/4 x 2 1/4 Shaw. Natural Hickory for $3.69 sq ft. Made in the USA.

3/4" x 7" x 72" Siberian Birch (Hard Birch) Heavy Hand Scraping for $5.50 sq. ft.

Engineered Hardwood Floors

Close Out 5.5' Oak Engineered Floor for $2.29 sq ft. (2 Colors)

Special Buy from Shaw. 5" Handscraped 7ply hard Birch with slight hand scraping for $2.99 sq ft. (2 colors)

Villa Series Birch. 5" Handscaped. Floors $3.39 sq ft

5" Handscraped Grand Prairie Hickory. Nice Distressing. $3.69. sq. ft.

5" Handscraped  Hickory. Heavy Hand scraped.  (4 colors) $3.69 sq. ft. 

5" Handscraped Boca Raton and Villa Series Acacia  (5 color) $3.99 sq. ft. 

Shaw American Walnut. Smooth. Made in the USA. $3.69 sq ft.

 3"5"7" Mix with long random lengths. Beautiful wood. $4.29 sq ft.

WOW.  7" x random lengths up to 6" Acacia. 1/2 thick. $5.50 sq ft.

Engineered Click and Lock Hardwood Floors

5" x 1/2 Acacia (5 Colors) 5" and handscraped and random length. $4.19 sq ft

Laminate (over 40 color in stock)

Ecnoline (2 color) w/ pad attached $1.05 sq. ft.

Tropical Series (3 colors) 8 mil w/ pad attached. $1.45 sq. ft.

Manor Oak Series. (3 Colors)  8mil w/ pad. Extra and Rustic looking. Sale $1.25 sq ft. Reg. $1.45 sq ft. 

8mm Urban Series (2 colors) w/ pad attached $1.45 s.q ft.

Sunriver Series 8 mm w/pad (3 colors) $1.65 sq. ft.

New Concord Series. 8mm w/ pad. (2 colors) $1.65 sq ft. 

Dakar Acaica 10 mm w/pad attach (2 colors) $1.85 sq. ft.

Savannah (4 colors) 10 mm w/ pad attached at $1.99 sq. ft.

Coastal Series. 10 mil w/pad. (2 color) $1.99 sq ft.

Rustic Series. 10 mm w pad. $1.85 sq ft.  

12mm Urban Sersiess (3 colors) 12 mil w/ pad attached at $1.99 sq ft.

Sale El Dorado. 12 mm with random lengths w/ premium pad. $1.69 sq ft. Reg $2.60 

Bentley (3 colors) 12 mm w/ varied w/ and premium pad $2.60.

Carrera (2 colors) 12 mm w/ chiseled edges w/ premium pad $2.80.

Over 40 laminates in stock and ready to go home with you today. Most under $2.00 sq ft with premium pad. 


Carpet ( over 100 rolls in stock)

Caress Angora II, 60 ounce super soft Shaw nylon with soft back. $3.00 sq ft.

Devon II, super soft Shaw nylon with soft back. $3.00 sq. ft.

Luxe, super soft Shaw nylon with soft back $2.75 sq. ft.

Windermere $1.75 sq. ft.

Royalty Gramercy (3 colors) Stainmaster Nylon 6.6 $2.33 sq ft

Tuftex Nylon Flecked Plushed. Nylon. $1.69 sq ft.

Tuscunet (3 colors)  Shaw Anso Nylon. $1.66 sq ft

Heisman $1.55 sq. ft.

Coastal Comfort , 40 ounce soft yarn $1.38 sq. ft.

Venture, 40 ounce two tone plush $1.34 sq. ft.

March Foward $1.16 sq. ft.

Special Buy 50 ounce solid  plush $1.16 sq. ft.

Lacy $.97 sq. ft.

Ride it Out  (3 colors) $.97 sq. ft.

End Zone (2 colors) $.94 sq ft.

Time Out $.88 sq ft

Special Buy Khaki, 25 ounce solid frieze $.69 sq ft (while supplies last)

Wild Cat $.77 sq. ft. 

Rems starting at $.66 sq. ft.

8 lb pet pad $.55. sq.ft.

8 lb rebond pad $.33 sq. ft.

6 lb rebond pad .23 sq.ft.

Too many to list.  We will have over 200 rolls in stock. New Arriving daily 

Carpet Tiles

Development $1.50 sq ft

Mohawk Compound Mudslide $1.45

Tile (reduced for quick sale.) We want to update our tile and have slashed our already low contractor prices. 

Emser Lucerne 20x20 porcelain tile $.99 sq. ft.

Emser Lucerne 13x13 porcelain tile $.99 sq. ft.

Tumble Travertine 6x6 in Ivory and Walnut $2.99 sq. ft.

Tumble Travertine 3x6 In Ivory and Walnut $3.25 sq. ft.

Sheet Vinyl

All in stock felt back vinyls $.61 sq. ft

Coming Soon 12 fiberglass vinyls $.73 sq ft

All in stock 12' fiberglass vinyls $1.10 sq. ft.

Special Buy Flexitic Wondertile and Majestic. Fiberglass (7 colors) 13"2' goods. starting at $1.39 sq ft. 

Rems below cost.

LVT (over 40 in stock)

Special Buy. 6 mil wood LVT.  Light Color. $.89 sq. ft.

Close Out. Wilderness. 20 mil. 2.5 mm thick. $.99 sq ft

Shaw 6 mil wear layer. American Plank Nice grey tan color. $99 cent sq. ft.

Shaw 8 mil wear layer nice distress hickory looks. (3 colors) $1.15 sq. ft.

Eagle Ridge. 8 mil in (2 colors.) $1.15 sq. ft.

12mil wear layer Columbia LVT by Lamette (3 colors) $1.35 sq.ft.

Best Seller. 20 mil wear layer 3 mm thick. Lifetime Residential and 14 year Commercial Warranty.  Odyssey LVT. Manufactured by Lamette. (5 colors) $2.35 sq. ft.

Click and Lock Floor. 4 mm thick with 20 mil wear layer. Virgin Materials. $2.50 sq ft. 

Tandem. Like laminate with water proof core and vinyl top. Pad attached $2.99 sq ft.

Special Buy. Medley XL. (2 colors) 8 mm, 30 mil wear layer. Uilin angle and tap lock. Waterproof core. Ceramic Bead Finish. Micro-bevel. Pad attached, $2.99 sq ft. 

New. Exclusive line. Great visuals. 20 mil wear layer. Waterproof core. Pad attached. $2.99 sq ft.  

Top of the line Shaw Floorte. The newest in flooring at $3.39 sq ft. 

Over $800,000 in stock today and adding daily in our 15,000 sq ft warehouse. 

We are the largest stocking dealer in the Spokane Area. Where we stock the best and order the rest.

We can special order and still save you money.

Please stop by (near Costco, Lowe's and Home Depot on Sprague.) and get the service you need. We a small family where you deal directly with the owners who are happy to answer all your questions in a low pressure environment. Even if you do not buy from us we can help you make an informed decision on such a large purchase. Compare and Save.



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